project from January to February 2013
Metadata visualizations — The Conversation

Some podcasts are just audio, but the The Conversation is much more. I tidied up the design and created some tools to explore its riches of metadata in different ways:


The concept map is an interactive network visualization of episodes, subjects, and ideological perspectives.

It’s crammed with data, which D3 handles with ease.

The code for this visualization is not open source. I’m happy to answer any questions about it, though! Just drop me a line at


The episode list featured on the home page is a carousel designed to showcase 60 episodes gracefully.

It’s built from the ground up to load images on demand, and browse thumbnails to reduce scrolling and clicking.

Illustrations for many of the earlier episodes are by the intrepid Eleanor Davis.


The map plots the show’s interviews across the US.

It’s built with the always-trusty Leaflet and Stamen’s minimal map tiles.

Chris Willard