More Noisy Hammers

What’s better than hitting a drum with one hammer? Hitting a drum with as many hammers as you can get your hands on!

The big leap for this prototype is getting from 1 to 2.

I rearranged the circuit yet again so it’s nice and compact on the breadboard. I also moved the high-load circuits for the solenoids onto a different breadboard. Notice the plurality:

2015 03 26 the many

The breadboards even lock together!

I whipped the microcontroller software into shape:

There are so many things I want to try next:

Also, I’ve been wondering if there’s an integrated circuit or even a breakout board for a controller for an inductive load – the combination of MOSFET + diode + resistor. This seems like it ought to be a pretty common pattern, and I imagine I’ll be building a lot more of these things in the future.

In two days, it’ll be a year since I started thinking about doing this project on Arduino day 2014. It’s high time for a working proof of concept to start annoying the world.